Nordic Fusion

"Glide Long and Prosper"
"Nordic skiing is easy to do but even easier to do wrong." These are words spoken by many who failed to learn correctly. The photos on this page (right) show skiers I have assisted and photo- analyzed in the sport. The left pane of the photo shows those skiers, the right pane of each photo are skiing professional/world class racers.  Both are in the exact point of either a classic stride (top Photo) or skate (bottom photo).  Even quick observation shows noticeable body position errors. The development of incorrect "Muscle Memory" has caused many to ski with these errors for years and are unaware of the issue. This can be corrected with instructional assistance and dedicated practice.  Often skiers will plan a literal marathon type work out of distance and speed but fail on addressing their technical skill in any detail. The results are great strength and cardio doing things wrong and programming the wrong into their technique.  I encourage even those having skied for years to consider this analysis video/photo of their technique. You are never too good or old to stop learning!  
For new and beginner skiers it is a wise decision to take instruction from a knowledgeable pro skier before you build bad movements, for good movements can be learned first. I encourage new skiers NOT to take a lesson from a friend, spouse or family member for this often results in emotional stress and learning is hindered by this.  The hourly costs are small and the lifetime results great, for as little as 1 hour with a pro on the snow. Browse my web site and contact me, even if you just want to talk skiing.